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The pata kitabu (Give-a-book) project aims at providing books to deprived school children in rural areas and to use the gift to promote social and ethical values in an environment where behavioral role model is lacking.

The objective is to change the mindset of a generation of young people so that high moral values are seen as a way to success in life.

The project derives from the recognition that many children in the rural and urban areas have restricted access to books. Hardly does one finds a child that has a book to call it’s own. Even among educated the habit of book reading barely exists so gaining knowledge after education ceases.

Acquiring the reading habit will encourage these children to continue educating themselves after school.


To create leadership for the future who are morally and ethically acceptable.

 Pata kitabu foundation, a charitable organization in Nakuru County, believes that the solution to the ailment of leadership can only be achieved through moral values impacted at the root of society. The foundation focuses on bringing up a generation that appreciates high values for personal and social development.

Through the already established children government policy in schools, the foundation is determined to change the twist and turn in the society where greed, dishonesty and selfishness are upheld as achievement and acceptable means to leadership positions.

Although the government has integrated values into its school curriculum, this approach may be limited and taken as an obvious subject for the case of passing examinations rather than for personal and social development.

The organization compliments government efforts by identifying, recognizing and rewarding students with well researched and government approved High Moral value books to reinforce positive behavior change and upholding these values in schools and society.

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