Who we are

Patakitabu foundation, is a registered charitable organization in Kenya, we believes that the solution to the challenges facing Africa Kenya included can only be achieved through moral values impacted at the root of society. The foundation focuses on bringing up a generation that appreciates high values for personal and social development.

Although the government has integrated values into its school curriculum, this approach may be limited and taken as an obvious subject for the case of passing examinations rather than for personal and social development.

Through the already established government education policy in schools, the foundation is determined to change the twist and turn in the society where greed, dishonesty and selfishness are upheld as achievement and acceptable means to leadership positions.

The organization compliments government efforts by identifying, recognizing and rewarding students with well researched and government approved High Moral value books to reinforce positive behavior change and upholding these values in schools and society.

The award act as incentives for values and offers opportunity for the child to own a book envisaged to inculcate reading culture developed by the child having more time with the book. This approach demystifies the phrase, “If you want to hide something, place it in a book.” Students, who have been awarded, automatically become members of a book club.

The Club gives an opportunity to members to access variety of books through a rotational system that advocates for selflessness, co-operation and accountability values. It also gives them an opportunity to elect their leaders and also run the club activities. This opportunity exposes them to morally acceptable leadership skills which are governed by values such as honesty, respect, empathy, tolerance, commitment and moral courage.