Our Approach

Pupil’s centered model

  • Mentorship

The Foundation trains teachers in the target schools so they are able to mentor and support young people with skills that are important to their future as useful members of society. 

  • Behavior change

Children have been noted to improve socially and academically after sessions with teachers who act as their mentors.  School discipline has improved with minimum cases of indiscipline reported.  Parents, teachers and Ministry of education are enthusiastic by the scheme and recognize its benefits.


  • Recognition and awarding

Teachers recognize students who have responded to this changes when awarding  individual children who had shown positive behavior change.

  • Book clubs and gardening.

Book Club is an initiative by PataKitabu Foundation that was started through awarding of individual children who had shown positive behavior change. The children receive books as rewards for their practiced values.

Gardening program has seen the introduction of talking trees which have posters concerning life skills. As pupils walk around the school compound, they read and discuss the life skills with their friends. Thus, learning continues outside classrooms

  • Exchange of books

The book club gives  a platform for these children to exchange books and learn from the different moral values highlighted in different books. The club exposes children to a variety of books through a rotation system where children borrow a book from their peers read for a week and return for another.

  • Peer influence

Club members acts peer influencers to the rest of the students in the school. This has encouraged a general motivation for other children to be part of the club. And has created a ripple effect of change to other children and a general improvement in discipline, responsibility and environmental care.